Love is a bitch

Looking into that brown eyes …so comforting

Seeing my whole world just in a pair of eyes.

What else do i, a hopeless romantic want?

I was left at the altar.

Stood there 9 months hoping my one would come back.

Yet he did. Just not the one i had in my mind.

Just a lot better.

Not whom i wanted.

But just whom i needed.

Im feeling a lot of emotions. I should be feeling happy.

My heart is just not ready for another episode.

Maybe not this soon after the last one.

Poor thing. Can’t blame it for doing so.

It had enough. And now it wants rest.

I don’t know what i’m scared of. Does every other girl feel the same way????

Going into it again? Repeating all they did a while ago, with another boy?

Is it that, or is it just family, their expectations?

Or is it the fear of this not working out, again?

Or is it just lord trying to tell me, “it’s not yours”?

I really can’t figure it out.

I want an out.

Crazy part, we fall for the ones we don’t wanna fall for.

We know that they are not the best option. Yet we chase them, Hoping things will change for good.

For you.

Stupid, stupid girl….

Going in..again..after all that you went through? Seriously???

I mean why? Is it that good a feeling? To be in love?

What did you enjoy, when you were in love??

All you did was cry…and doubt yourself. You took up the weight of his mistakes.

You stayed blind at all that he did wrong to you. What for?

Baby, you love him.

That’s it.

And truth, love is a bitch.

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