The one vibrant star.

There’s always that one star that shines in a thousand different colors.The one vibrant star.It’s nothing like the rest of them.One star that acts like it’s above all the other small twinkly ones.One star that the remaining ones envy much.What could go wrong for the one vibrant star?What can be hard? What not possible?What, youContinue reading “The one vibrant star.”

What is all this? This chaotic existence. This meaningless breaths, in and out. I’m loosing interest. I don’t want to do this anymore. All these people. Overcrowded paths glistening in the evening light. Many lives, many stories. But where do I stand? What am I to you? What am I to me?

(“The boy who hurt my bestfriend”.) #1

We did not connect. Dyou remember that? Maybe you dont. Ha! But Im sure you remember that day when I told you she’d choose me. She’d choose me when it comes between you and me. But she had a glow to her when she was with you. You thought I was jealous. I was happy.Continue reading “(“The boy who hurt my bestfriend”.) #1″

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