Or maybe the problem is that we look for perfection in every relationship we share. That we believe, if only we could find another, who goes gracefully with the way we lead our lives or perhaps another who fit rightly into that one empty space of our puzzles, we’d be better off. The problem with our desperate search for people who would provide us with happiness and contentment, is that we often forget to regard that it isn’t that simple, that people aren’t as plain as that,  afterall. For example, take a moment to try and define yourself. You see, the thing is, all through our lives, we try to pen meaning to our own lives, to magically find our purposes, while at the same time, changing our perspectives of living every second of it, growing each day, everyday. And yet we expect another human being to fit into our chaos without being there, any friction.  

The problem is that the people we meet aren’t just pieces to our puzzles, they are a whole puzzle on their own, each of them. But we are still not ready to accept it, that life isn’t just as simple as that. That life is but a tangled pile of answered riddles. And us, we are just as clueless as this world can get. 

Published by The Rainbow Ashes

People. Places. Poems.

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