In search of whatever it is, love.

“…he’s more myself

Than I am. 

Whatever our souls 

Are made of, 

His and mine 

Are the same.”     -Emily Bronte (Wuthering Heights) 

What is love? This question certainly might have come up in each one of our minds at least once. But how many of us have an answer for it, that could satisfy the longings of every hopeless romantic out there? How many of us can define this beautiful phenomenon and still manage to preserve every drop of it’s magical essence? 

“Love is the sea where intellect drown” -Rumi 

Love is everything, some say.

It resides in every tiny particle of this chaotic world. 

It gives us meaning, it makes us do extraordinary things, stupid things. 

Love conquers all. How fascinating is that all through centuries people tried to put a pin on this mysterious spell but ended up more confused than ever.

 Battles were fought and many, called off, in the name of love. 

Lives were taken and new ones created. 

Hearts were broken, while some glowed out of their chests with the pure joy that came with falling in love. 

Some say love is selfless, for others, it is as selfish as keeping their loved ones inside of their grips. 

People travel miles, searching for that which will finally quench their thirst, which will somehow give their lives, a purpose, 

That love is the only answer.

But what happens when love becomes a question? 

Where do we go for an answer then? 

What is love? 

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People. Places. Poems.

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