A tangled mess that is life.

We are growing. Everyday, every second of it. And with this passage of the times do we come around the fact that this life, with all it’s endless flaws and inconsistencies, brings with it the company of some beautiful human beings as well. Some of them stay for a bit longer than the others, while some leave sooner than you expect them to. And in their departure, some leave voids, while others, scars. People impact us, even the ones we do not notice; They pass their lives to us, even if it’s just for a second. They visit us in our dreams, those unrecognizable faces, they exist inside of our heads for a very long time. They shape our thoughts, our emotions but we don’t realize that, everything we feel, our intuitions and doubts, excitements and dreads, everything in between. 

We never truly understand a person, they are a million different things each of them, growing in their own pace, whilst going through unexplainable traumatic experiences.

We are not who we were a moment ago, no one is. We change with every passing second, for better or for worse but we change. So do the people we meet.  And the thing is, no one has ever met the same version of a person that we have met and that version now lives only inside of us.

Inside of us lives a version of a hundred million people that no one else got to know. Inside of us lives a hundred million stories that no one else had read. How fascinating is that. 

Published by The Rainbow Ashes

People. Places. Poems.

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