Be black. Be white.


Think about it, no matter how hard you try not to make bad choices or how many nights you lose sleep over what you really want to do with this one chance that you get at life, it never turns out the way you had imagined for it to be. In fact, it resembles little to no amount to the picture you had in your mind. Doesn’t it fill you with extreme resentment, that all that people ever told you to do was to make the ‘right’ decision but somehow, somewhere, you lose total control over this little line between life and death and eventually fall into the chaotic motion of this universe. No matter what you do or how you do it, things will happen, unexpected things, sometimes great things and sometimes heartbreaking things. Even if you decide to stand still and rooted to the ground for the rest of your life, the sun will rise and the butterflies will flap their wings to cause hurricanes. So do that thing you’ve been afraid of doing, mess around a little. Make some bad choices and make some great ones. Step out of that grey area. Be black. Be white. Exist loudly. And most importantly, live however you want to live. 

Published by The Rainbow Ashes

People. Places. Poems.

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