Our stories

We all have in our minds the pride of being able to lead a free life. Free to choose what we want to do next, free to feel everything the way we want it to be felt. But seldom do we wonder how we actually reach at the choices we make, what actually makes us crave for certain things more than the rest. Even the decisions we take much deliberately are in some way not entirely our own. Even at times when we let ourselves choose the ‘road less taken’, to be different, or perhaps spontaneous, we end up just where the universe had planned for us to be.
I think it is quite beautiful, how everything we do, even the ones done unintentionally, are just paving way towards the actual purpose of each one of our lives. And no matter how sceptical we are at the idea of it, or how unconvinced we are about the certainty of the existence of the theoretical ‘butterfly effect’, we are all nothing but a story written earlier on in some pages somewhere. Not mere characters in some bigger picture, but the story itself. A story written so carefully around the life of mine, and another around yours. That even when we all are a huge tangled mess, we cease to exist as an entirety, a detailed, complete entirety. And hence the thought of how much time and effort the author has put into each one of us makes me believe that all our stories are have so less in common. Our stories are so different, different yet so related.
We are all here, drawing breath in the satisfaction of being autonomous when it comes to our lives, knowing less that whatever comes next, was already hand-picked for you and me by the author of our little stories.

Published by The Rainbow Ashes

People. Places. Poems.

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