“So it’s goodbye then?” She asked, trying to bring a smile to her face that was so wet with the tears that kept on flowing through her cheeks, not ready to give in to the fake happy face that she was so desperately trying to put on.

Everything in his life was going wrong, but what really made him feel utterly weak was the fact that there was nothing he could do about it. He just stood there, staring at his feet, not knowing what to say, nor to feel. This was the moment that he had always most dreaded, The moment he was expected to word out what he felt, the truth, a truth that even he himself wasn’t sure what was. he wasn’t ready to part ways with her, not like this. Everything, every moment of their shared memories, every secrets that was now the two of theirs, every fights, nights, all of it came down to this very moment. He never thought hell would be this easy to find.

Their lives collided a year ago. And since then, it was a perfect work of effortless comedy. It was in the ways that they refused to define what they had, that made it exciting, rather thrilling. But somehow, the both of them knew well, but chose not to acknowledge, that the fire they played with was bound to hurt at the end.

“Well, this is embarrassing” she added, with an air of cheer, trying to hide the fact that her voice was cracking.

She liked to believe that what they had was something more than just friendship, something a little more than just some happy times. She used to look at him when he wasn’t noticing and wish that someday, this person would look into her eyes and realise, that this is exactly where he wants to be for the rest of his life. But that would be too much to ask for, don’t you think? Because sooner or later, one have to understand, that life is but one unfair game.

“I’m sorry” finally he said, drowning in the scarcity of words to make her stay. How he wished for all of this to be just a dream!  And then, he glanced up and took one look at her face, one hasty look, a look he knew would make no difference now. he could see that he had lost her. Lost her to the cruelty of life, of love.

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