What if it isn’t love?

Perhaps it’s not always just about love…
I mean, I have not seen two people baring with eachother just in the name of the above mentioned phenomena unless there is more to the story. There is adoration, admiration,fear,desire, excitement, pride and much more to it.
Sometimes we just keep them around in the fear of being alone. For loneliness is one of the scariest of feelings to be felt.
Some people makes our lives easier and we let them hang around because of it. As much as it sounds so selfish and cruel, it can occur to be one of those reasons too. I’m not speaking about those cliché moments when lovers say that their ‘love’ for this person gives them purpose or a ‘reason to live’ , but when this person gives you advices or a shoulder to lean on or even help you out in other ways during tough times, you feel for him/her and this feelings are quickly read as love. Or you feel like it’s wrong not to give them love when they have done so much for you, you try to love out of guilt. Or even, sometimes you keep that person around like an insurance policy. You know, ‘just in case’ something goes wrong again.
It’s quite funny how easily we’d give up on actual love for our own selfish reasons. Even though most of the time this occurs unintentional to our consciousness, but ultimately it’s about survival to us, rather than just love.

Published by The Rainbow Ashes

People. Places. Poems.

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